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Dates cancelled

We're disappointed to tell you all we've had to cancel our upcoming dates in 2012. It wasn't an easy decision to make because as jokey and jovial as we are onstage, we take bringing that convivial atmosphere to a town near you seriously. Some unavoidable personal circumstances led us to feel that we couldn't bring the best ZVG experience to you all and so for the time being we have stopped our rock rolling. We're sorry to have let down the wonderful folk we know we would have loved meeting at the shows in Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Wakefield, and the wonderful promoters who showed us their support and belief by asking us to play. Normally these updates are fun but this one kinda sucked! ZVG x



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Vinyl & CDs

Amazingly music is still available in its solid form. So if you have a desire for the physical, get your lovely hands on our album now.


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Zoey Van Goey is a band made up of Matt Brennan, Michael John McCarthy, Kim Moore, and Adam Scott. Hailing from Canada, Ireland, and England respectively. Matt and MJ and Kim met in Glasgow, Scotland, and started making music together. Adam joined as a fourth member in 2010.

They released two singles on vinyl. First Foxtrot Vandals, produced by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, and then Sweethearts In Disguise. Then they got around to releasing their first full-length album in 2009, The Cage Was Unlocked All Along.

Shortly after self-releasing their debut the band signed to Scottish independent label Chemikal Underground - home to Mogwai, Arab Strap, The Delgados, Phantom Band and others. Their first album was re-released by the label and their second album, Propeller Versus Wings, came out in 2011.


Matt Brennan

Matt had part of his lung surgically removed after a tree fell on him during an ice storm in Montreal.

Kim Moore

Kim once trekked her way through a jungle in Ghana with a machete.

Adam Scott

Adam has suffered from (or thrived on, depending how you look at it) a long time obsession with the band Kiss.

MJ McCarthy

Michael John was a trivia prodigy and regularly appeared on television quiz shows in Ireland throughout his childhood.


The Cage Was Unlocked All Along

"An irresistible debut album"
Scotland on Sunday
"Subtly forged indie folk"
"ZvG have a pronounced sound of their own...
an excellent album"

The Skinny
"Delightfully experimental indie...
easy to fall in love with"

Subba Cultcha
"Anthemic, insightful indie-folk with wonderful
sparkles of humour"

Clash Magazine
"It's good to know a Glasgow based band like
ZvG can flourish... This is charming folk-pop"

"Pop that comfortably resists pigeonholing"
The Big Issue
"Our new favourite band"


Propellor Versus Wings

"Quietly understated but gutsy
indie-pop from Scotland"

Q Magazine
"Their second album is a winning
mishmash of harmony and chaos"

Word Magazine
"It's quite an achievement to deliver a sophomore album
as bright and confident as this; to not only build on
a promising debut but to surpass it"

The Sunday Herald
"They echo early Camera Obscura and The Delgados,
while also helping ZVG stamp their own name on
Scottish indie-pop with equally persistent ink."

The Skinny
"The most joyous thing you'll hear all year"
The Big Issue Scotland
"An eminently likable second album"
"A huge leap forward for ZVG... beyond the acquisition of a full-time bassist in Adam Scott, not a massive amount has changed. All they've really done is gone and got better. Much better."
For Folk's Sake
"ZVG has always peddled a darker lyrical
element beneath the bright surface sheen...
now there's a sharper musical edge to boot."

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1. Mountain on Fire
2. The Cake and Eating It
3. Sackville Sun
4. My Aviator
5. Escape Maps
6. You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate
7. Little Islands
8. Extremities
9. Robot Tyrannosaur
10. Another Day Another Disaster
11. Where It Lands
1. The Best Treasure Stays Buried
2. We Don't Have That Kind Of Bread
3. Sweethearts In Disguise
4. We All Hid In Basements
5. Two White Ghosts
6. Foxtrot Vandals
7. My Persecution Complex
8. Nae Wonder
9. Cotton Covering
10. City Is Exploding
1. Sweethearts in Disguise
2. Lick a 99 (Chris 'Beans' Geddes Remix)
1. Foxtrot Vandals
2. Songs to the Embers (Miaoux Miaoux Remix)

Band Photos

Our own photos from the various photoshoots, recording sessions and practice sessions that we've had fun with over the years.

Fan Photos

If you've got some pics of ZVG playing live just upload them to flickr and tag them with 'Zoey Van Goey' and they'll appear here.

You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate

By Bob's Trainset Productions

My Aviator (Competition Winner)

Congratulations to Robert Wells, the winner of our video making contest. The prizes are winging their way to you now and a big thanks to all the entrants, we really enjoyed them all.

City is Exploding

Directed by Gavin Laing and Charlotte Carden. Director of Photography: Steven Ferguson. Gaffer: Lynn Wiseman.

We Don't Have That Kind of Bread

By Bob's Trainset Productions.

We All Hid in Basements

Samples from the Prelinger Online Archive